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Introducing The New AMP Procurement CEO – Sandy Sheehan-Hepburn

Introducing the new AMP Procurement CEO – Sandy Sheehan-Hepburn

AMP Procurement are looking forward to a bright future after appointing our new CEO, Sandy Sheehan-Hepburn.

Sandy has extensive experience leading delivery teams throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, with previous roles as Strategic Account Director with Wilson James, Divisional Director with Richard Irvin Energy Solutions, and Head of Facilities Management for H&J Martin, to name but a few.

Sandy has a proven track record in increasing profitability – through optimising current clients and contracts – coupled with business development activity to increase market share. AMP Procurement are looking forward to building lasting client relationships and bridging the gap between people, process and successful delivery with Sandy at the helm.

AMP Group Managing Director Martin Peacock said on Sandy’s appointment:

“We are delighted to welcome Sandy as CEO of AMP Procurement. His extensive experience at executive level – and skills in operational delivery, strategic planning, client retention and growth – will really enhance the AMP Procurement offering and will help further the AMP Group mission as a whole.”

Q&A: Sandy discusses his new role and plans for AMP Procurement:

How do see your new role at AMP Procurement

“As the new CEO at AMP Procurement, my role will be to oversee and support the AMP Procurement teams processes, quality and delivery. I’ll be assisting in division growth through expanding our works within the current key accounts, and involved in strategic planning with the senior team to assist in bringing in new clients and avenues of business.”

What’s been the best thing about AMP so far?

“The team approach through all aspects of the organisation. Everyone I have worked with so far appears to have an open and friendly approach. There is a genuine desire to make things work and exceed the client’s expectations. When things don’t go according to plan, there is a “sleeves up” approach from all parties involved to resolve the issue with a lessons learned sharing of information to ensure the same issues don’t happen again. A very refreshing approach!”

What’s your approach to man management?

“I value others perspectives, with a belief in achieving excellence through proven motivational management, communication and team building skills. As a detail driven leader, I’m comfortable in a changing environment with a supportive, inspiring style to communicate and achieve set goals through the development of people.”

What are your future plans for the AMP team?

“We plan to try and expand our workload in several areas which will give the teams further opportunities to grow and be empowered to take on more responsibility.
It’s important that we continue to empower and motivate the teams as they have a fantastic knowledge of the current clients and their needs. Harnessing this knowledge will help us develop stronger working relationships at all levels, which in turn helps when trying to secure additional business.”

AMP Procurement are specialists in Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Tail Spend Management.

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